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Open Session (Internal): Conflict Prevention and Resolution

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Notes from an (internal) session about the role of Global Voices in conflict prevention and resolution, including a proposal for future activity.

Session Notes: Youth and Online Media

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On youth and experiences with integrating youth. Session leader was Emily Jacobi from Digital Democracy.

Session Notes: Social movements and social media in Latin America (and elsewhere!)

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The person-to-person aspect of social organizing in Latin America (sometimes without dependence on telecommunications).

Session Notes: La nueva Ley de Propiedad Intelectual de Chile: derechos de autor y libertad de expresión

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Open Session a cargo de Pedro Less, Gerente de Asuntos Gubernamentales y Políticas Pública de Google para Latinoamérica, y Claudio Ruiz, presidente de la ONG Derechos Digitales de Chile.

Session Notes: Mobiles - The power of the Internet and reporting in your pocket

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Given the subject matter about the use of mobile phones, reporting on the breakout session was undertaken via Twitter. Led by Prabhas Pokharel,

Session Notes: Social Media’s Role in Conflict Reporting

A discussion about social media responsibility in solving some issues, especially when the society fails to solve them.

Session Notes: Ushahidi - Crisis

Deploying Ushahidi more complicated than using it. Tech team working on the platform so it will be easy to deploy for anyone without technical knowledge.

Session Notes: China, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Russia

An open discussion about the state of social media and the society in China, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Russia

Session Notes: Bibliotecas/Libraries

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Cómo se puede acceder a la información, y como la biblioteca ayuda a formar ciudadanos?

Session Notes: Digital Divide

The lack of connection to the Internet. How people are going to learn how to use to use the Internet after they get the access.